Wednesday, 4 May 2011

IMBA - cat

Today's post is a little bit "animal planet".

it's about one of the cat's relatives...

The leopard!

waaaahhh, so scarry

here are it's deadly weapons:

razor sharp fang! hohoho scary... 

It can run as fast as wind. meow!! 

 It can reach a top speed of 68km/h. 

That's quite impressive...

It has a powerful neck which can can be used to drag the prey up high on the tree. 

waaaa imba!

sleeping on a tree? 

no problem...

crocodile? lol pawned!

baby elephant?... 



lol no sweat!


what about wild boar?

lol. the wild boar is owning! 

wow, baby pon terkesima...

epic fight - bristleback vs bloodseeker. lols

the leopard was badly injured. 

The moral of the story:

dont mess with wild boars. 




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