Friday, 2 September 2011


There is little difference - between bravery and stupidity Toilet paper - For real men Grandma - Not sure if planking... or dead. When God punishes Americans, he sends a hurricane - When God punishes others, it sends Americans Gamers - sometimes they go too far WTF!? - World Taekwondo Federation of course ... Check her out! - Not bad... not bad at all... Twitter - The main cause of death in the army Meanwhile - In Wales Spongebob - The year after retirement have not been kind Nothing boosts ingenuity  - Like an empty stomach Sex - Will save you The new seat belts  - 45% fewer accidents This - Makes so much sense Excuse me, stewardess - But my seat just became my toilet Times change - Youth changes Death - Laughs at us all the time Never - Never fart into waterhole.. Putin's designs  - Against the entire world


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