Wednesday, 2 November 2011

IMBA iPhone Otaku

Hai semua..

Kembali lg kita dlm section Something IMBA From China..

Baru2 ni kami di blogIMBA telah dikejutkan dgn berita IMBA ttg sorg awek kat China..

Awek ni mmg otaku (bhsa Jepun yg bermaksud 'obsessed') kaw2 dekat produk Apple terbaru..iPhone 4S..

Dlu kita pernah dgr cerita2 IMBA dr China psl iPhone jugak..ade yg sggup jual buah pinggang..ade yg sggup gadaikan dara..

Tapi this time awek yg berasal dr bandar Nanjing ni memilih utk menggunakan approach yg lagi extreme..

Dia sanggup tido (buat XXX) dgn lelaki for 5 freakin days..and in return, dia nak iPhone yg terbaru..iPhone 4S


Kalau anak aku dia ni da lama mampos..

Yg kesiannya, awek ni ade boyfren..

Nk dijadikan cerita, awek ni sbnrnya accept offer tu masa chatting dgn org ketiga (org yg nk bg iPhone 4S tu)..

Tp last2 terkantoi pulak dgn boyfren dia..

Pergghh..aku pun turut terasa kepedihan yg dirasai oleh si boyfren..

Apa nk jadi dgn dunia skrg?


Atas permintaan ramai..

Nah ini dia subtitle perbualan dlm chat tersebut..

18SX..budak2 bwh umo jgn baca ye..


Girl: yesterday when you messaged me, my boyfriend was there
Man: Oh, sorry
Man: I thought something happened to you
Girl: Em.
Man: Hehehe, was he suspicious of you?
Girl: No
Man: Do any of your classmates need this job?
Girl: No
Man: oh
Girl: What
Man: you said you are in love, so probably don’t have time to go out?
Girl: It’s ok
Girl: but I don’t want to go far
Man: Oh
Man: When do you have time I can go get you, buy you dinner
Girl: Em, where are we going?
Man: In our district center, what do you want to eat
Girl: Shimao Center?
Girl: Which center?
Man: The place I took you last time, we didn’t even eat last time
Man: next time we drink a little
Girl: No, I don’t know how
Man: Ok then we don’t drink
Man: Which night (are you free)
Man: You don’t need to spend the night
Girl: I don’t have time these days
Girl: I am going to eat now
Girl: I don’t like it when (you) can’t do it and find excuses
Man: I am not someone who only talks
Girl: …
Man: When you are free, I will drive to pick you up
Girl: Oh,
Man: Give me a date, I will plan it
Girl: I don’t care. Any time
Man: What do you say? You are free any time? Spending the night or by hours?
Girl: Spending the night on a weekend
Man: Ok Friday night ok?
Man: Next Friday afternoon, I go pick you up
Girl: Spending the ngiht?
Girl: How about Sunday,
Man: Ok no problem
Man: You are busy
Man: 5 nights and you can get an iPhone 4S.
Gril: 4999 yuan.
Man: 4500.
Man: 4500, it’s cheaper now.
Man: I just asked about the price today.
Girl: Then buy me one. You pick a time (to have sex), whenever you want.
Man: But you’re not willing to do everything I want. Why should I buy you one? We’ll see how your performance is in bed this time.
Girl: Forget it. I don’t count on you now.
Man: What are you talking about. 5 nights you can make around 4,000 yuan. Honestly, if you cooperate with me, I can even give you 1,000 yuan for one night.
Girl: I’m willing to do anything except blow-job.
Man: What happened?
Girl: You said I don’t cooperate with you, Isn’t that what you are talking about? Last time you didn’t mention it. If you asked for it I’d cooperated with you. But I really don’t like it.
Man: You must have tried it before, it’s ok after washing it clean
Man: You can be smelly in bed, it’s ok
Man: I will just be couple minutes any ways
Girl: ………
Man: yes, you still can’t not capture men’s heart in bed, I will teach you
Man: It will be useful in the future
Girl: I can capture on the floor
Man: You can’t capture on the floor
Girl: Especially girls like you looks pretty good, if even better at sex, no man can escape your hands.
Girl: You think I look good?
Man: Of course, or else I will ask you out the 2nd time.
Girl: Oh,
Man: Don’t have confidence?
Man: See you Friday
Girl: I want an iPhone.
Man: You want to cooperate with me?… To get enough money for an iPhone is actually quite easy.
Girl: Then buy it for me. What do you say?
Man: We’ve talked about it. You cooperate with me in bed, one night for 800 yuan. With 5 night’s money, you can buy one.
Girl: Get me an iPhone first, I can even sleep with you for months.

source: here


  1. xde sub do..ak phm skit2 aje (-_-')

  2. tu la pasal...
    ak xpham kot.. bg sub

  3. oh, pahe2... kt malaysia mesti ade ni... hahahah gua mampu bg iphone 4s china r... p/s csl.. heuahuahauha

  4. ok pehe2.. thx blogImba..


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