Sunday, 13 November 2011

IMBA Dennis Ritchie

This is Steve Jobs..

The 'Jesus of Computing'..

The revolutionist in technology..

The CEO of the greatest company in the world..

The greatest icon of interactive computer technology..

The father of awesome iProducts..

Without him, the world might be a couple steps behind in superb luxurious technologies..

This is Dennis Ritchie..

Eh, tak kenal Dennis Ritchie?

The creator of C programming..

The creator of UNIX operating systems..

Without him, there will be no windows & C programs..

There will be a large setback in computing..there will be no generic-text languages and we will all be reading in BINARY..0010100101110101010..

And there will be no embedded systems programming..thus microchip wouldn't exist..

When microchips don't exist, there will be no mobile other words, there will be no computing technology..

Tapi yg pelik nye..

Satu dunia tau Steve Jobs meninggal..

Tapi bila Dennis Ritchie meninggal..takde sape yg tau (sebab tak ramai yg kenal beliau) tak highlightkan sgt..

Dan yg paling menyedihkan..Dennis Ritchie meninggal dunia pd bulan yg sama dgn Steve Jobs..

R.I.P Dennis Ritchie.

Your IMBA-ness shall not be forgotten..

suke dengan entri ini.... sile lah klik..


  1. Nampak sangat korang nie 9gaggers...

  2. Yeah..9GAG FTW! da lama baca tp bru ade mase nk post..ades


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