Thursday, 28 April 2011

IMBA - definition

We've been receiving some comments from our readers who were wondering...

What is IMBA?

By definition IMBA comes from word IMBAlanced.  

In short IMBA = pro / extraordinary / amazing / awesome / tough / incredible / astonishing / unbeatable / too strong / mind-blasting / godlike

Usually DotA players use the term IMBA to describe how unbeatable a certain character is (too strong).  

For example:

1 hero kill 5 enemy heroes. From the picture we can say that the Bloodseeker (DotA hero) is so IMBA.

However, we can also describe other things as IMBA;

1 man versus thousands of army. Now that's IMBA!

Amazing stunt. That's IMBA!

Super strong barbarian. IMBA!!

One student post a question in FB SRCUTP, got 1.2k comments in less than 24 hours. That's IMBA!

I hope that now u have an idea of what IMBA is...

We will share all the IMBA things happening inside and outside UTP..all the latest UTP news will also be shared here..

So stay tuned for more and get IMBA with us...



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